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You can fly between Girona airport and Tirs trup airport in Aarhus, Dinamarca, with the low cost airline Ryanair. The airport is located at 35.9Km from the city center.


Ryanair offers some of the cheapest flights in the world, and is the most frequently used airline from Girona airport, flying to 55 different destinations. The flights are basic, but given that their prices are so reasonable, you can´t complain.


The staff are reported to be friendly and helpful. There´s also a priority boarding option which will allow you to choose an exit seat if you want more leg room.

There is a bus service from the airport to Aarhus that runs 24 hours.


There are often delays reported with Ryanair, but with so many flights this is inevitable and they have no more delays than other budget airlines. As with most budget airlines there´s no frills, so don´t expect a great choice of food, or seat reservations. 


People complain about extra fees for baggage, as they charge 10 euros per kilo for every piece of luggage over 15kg. This is more expensive than other airlines like Easyjet, who have a 20kg limit and charge less for excess baggage. 

Please see our Companies section under Flight Destinations for more details, or the airline´s website.



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The Barcelona airport web guide.
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